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Why biodegradable gloves?

    Why choose biodegradable gloves?

    When gloves are treated under anaerobic conditions, such as landfills, biodegradation occurs. Normally, nitric acid is difficult to decompose because anaerobic soil microbes have no natural affinity for polymers. However, IMAS degradable gloves use Midas Environmental Technology (MET) to

accelerate the biodegradation of nitrate in active landfill sites and anaerobic conditions through naturally occurring microbial activity. Met has been validated by an independent laboratory using internationally recognized test standards. Degradable gloves have the same properties as ordinary

nitrates, but they can be degraded when they are discarded in landfills or soils.

This is the perfect glove for organizations or individuals who want to adopt sustainable development. Disposable gloves discarded in modern landfills are also a source of renewable energy. Carbon dioxide and methane released can be a source of energy. Landfill energy is the cheapest and

most reliable renewable energy.