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Should novel coronavirus wear gloves?

If you can't wash your hands with flowing water or hand-free disinfectant when you go out, you can wear gloves when you go out (you can use gloves that don't show your fingers, while keeping them dry). After taking off the gloves, pay attention to the hand cleaning, and clean the gloves in

time. Wearing gloves when going out can reduce the direct contact between hands and the outside world, thus reducing hand pollution. However, this is not necessary and it should be emphasized that wearing gloves is not a substitute for hand washing. Always wash hands with or without

gloves. There is no need for ordinary people to buy and use disposable medical gloves

The core issue is hand hygiene. Wearing gloves can reduce hand pollution. Cotton gloves and cloth gloves can do this. There is no need to wear medical latex gloves. Hand washing, with or without gloves, cannot replace hand washing. Hand washing is a very important hygiene problem.

Whether you wear it or not, you should wash your hands. Only in this way can you reduce the contact spread caused by hand pollution.